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Tour a Mormon Temple

Date: Friday, July 17, 6:15 pm

I'm excited and thrilled to invite you to join me at a tour of the newly constructed Mormon temple on Friday, July 17 at 6:15.

Why am I excited?  Well, because, unlike most other religions' places of worship, nonmembers of The Church are not allowed in the temple.  That is, except for the first two  weeks  after it's constructed , during which time public tours are allowed.  So, for residents of Indianapolis, the chances of a second temple being constructed in our lifetime are slim, so this may well be a chance of a lifetime! 

Tours of the temple will begin Friday July 17 and will continue to August 8.  They will be open every day, except on Sundays.  I've reserved a time for me and my friends on the 17th, at 6:15 pm.  If you can't make it at that time, PLEASE do whatever you can to get over there during the open house time.

People of all ages are invited.  Please wear modest clothing.  Arrive early, to allow plenty of time to park and find me in the church next to the temple.  The tour will last approximately one hour.  We start with a 12 min video which explains the importance of temples to the church members.  From there we'll have a guided tour during which we can ask questions.  After the tour we can  go to the reception area where we can ask more questions for clarification and visit with each other.  I'll be asking some of my Mormon friends to be there with us to answer any questions we might have.

I had the opportunity to tour a newly constructed temple in Utah a few years ago and found it to be very interesting and inspiring.  This is why I wanted to share this with you. I always try to share things that I find to be good and interesting with those that I like.

Please let me know if you're going to be able to make it, as the group is limited to 20 people.

Location: 11565 Temple Dr, Carmel, IN.

Out of respect for the temple, modest dress is requested. Click here for more information about the temple. If you are unable to join our group, but would like to schedule your own tour, click here.


Explore the Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Date TBA

Did you know there are more than 200 captive tigers and lions in Indiana? Explore one of the largest rescue centers for abused and neglected exotic felines in the United States. Click here for more information about this Indiana Center.


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